Targeted Drug Delivery Research Center
 Pharmacy School

Research Interests



1) Insitu forming drug delivery systems by thermo sensitive injectable and biodegradable copolymers

2) Temperature& PH sensitive drug delivery systems by smart hydrogels

3) Temperature & PH sensitive nanoparticles for drug delivery

4) Polymeric micelles and polymerosomes drug delivery systems

5) Mucosal and systemic vaccine and drug delivery by nanoparticulate and microparticulate delivery systems (nanospheres, microspheres and liposomes)

6) Nano and micro drug delivery systems such as nanospheres, nanocapsules, microspheres,microcapsules

7) Molecular imprinting technology

    - New drug delivery systems using imprinted polymers

    -Molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction (MISPE)

8) Synthesis of artificial receptors and antibodies

9) HPLC and drug monitoring

10) Ocular drug delivery by contact lenses

11) Modified and Sustained Release formulations; Multiparticulates; Pelletization; Tabletting; Coating; Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN); Nanofiber; Application of Experimental Design in formulation optimization

     - Pelletization using extrusion-spheronization technique

     - Microencapsulation of solid and liquid drugs

     - Formulation of sustained and controlled release matrices and reservoirs for oral delivery

12) Solid dispersion systems

      - Development of technique to increase the solubility and dissolution rate of poorly water soluble drugs

13) Drug powder engineering

      - Modification of drug crystals to improve their physico-mechanical properties

      - Characterization of drug crystals using different techniques such as X-ray powder diffraction, thermal analysis, FTIR, SEM

14) Physicomechanical properties of polymeric membranes

15) Mucoadhesives and bioadhesive systems

16) Cell culture, stem cells and tissue engineering

17) Thermodynamic, kinetic and drug stability


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