Targeted Drug Delivery Research Center

 The first idea for the establishing "Targeted Drug Delivery Research Center" was officially approved at 9th of April 2012 by vice chancellor in research of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. In less than two months, we succeeded to achieve official  approval from the ministry of health and medical sciences, Iran, Tehran due to the good performance of our faculty members in different fields of drug delivery research. Now the center has 13 members, with high academic degrees, 3 full professors, 4 associate and 6 assistant professors, most of them working in the field of pharmaceutics and drug delivery. Most of the research projects are focused on temperature and pH sensitive drug delivery by hydro gels, temperature and pH sensitive nano particles, molecular imprinting, oral sustained drug delivery by pelLetlization, micro encapsulation, bio adhesives, mucoadhesives, drug powders engineering,kinetic and stability od drug molecules, ocular drug delivery by lenses 



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